… isn’t it time to fall in love with yourself

Premiere Appalachian Boudoir Photographer


Boudoir photography empowers women who want to feel gorgeous, sensual, and desired. I don't work with models, so I don't know.


A beautiful gift for your spouse might be a boudoir shoot, but do it for yourself first! I guarantee that you will discover a new love for yourself as you see how lovely you are.


When you submit a request for more information about our boudoir photography experience, your journey to self-love begins. I'm delighted to walk you through your first step.

About Ciara

Boudoir Photography experience of a lifetime.

I believe that boudoir photography is an incredible experience that every woman should have in her lifetime.

Boudoir photography isn’t just about producing stunning and seductive pictures; it’s about reawakening as a woman and seeing yourself through someone else’s perspective. For the modern, every day women, Ciara Rain operates in Mountain City’s premier boudoir photography business. She loves to excite and empower women, bringing out their most sensual and feminine sides. You’ll have a new appreciation for how stunning you are after seeing your photographs! This will be a confidence-building and money-saving experience that you won’t regret, whether you’re doing it for yourself or as a surprise for your lover.

Ciara Rain

Boudoir Photographer


Let's Begin Your Boudoir Experience

I've created 3 packages that will, no doubt, provide you with that "treat yourself" experience you're looking for.


Dip your toes in, our basic package is for anyone who is ready to come hair and makeup ready with a limited budget. This is your jumping off point that will be sure to give you a little something special to remember.

02 . DIVA

Dive in,  This package covers a wider range of products and services to truly feel pampered.


Soak it up Queen, this package will leave you feeling celebrated and immortalized! A true investment in yourself with beautiful products to enjoy for a lifetime.

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